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Pantry + Medicine Cabinet Must Haves for Fall

Fall is officially here and so are the sugar-filled holidays which result in FLU SEASON. I know it's hard to avoid some of the sugary sweets but don't give up on your health just because it's the season. You CAN lead a healthy lifestyle through the holiday season.

Here are a few ways to boost your immune system + some cold and flu items you can pick up

  1. Eat in-season produce- You've heard me say it before but I am going to say it again. Why? Because no matter how much I say it, I still see an imbalance during this season. I see donuts, pies, and cookies being eaten more than apples, pears, and oranges. Make it fun this year, go pick apples and enjoy them with family and friends. Try a new recipe that the whole family will enjoy or simply head to the grocery store and get curious about the product that's in season. For us, we are into passion fruit!

  2. Move your body- Get out for a walk, go for a bike ride, or volunteer at a local Food Bank. Yes, even the Food Bank will require you to move your body instead of sitting around the house watching Netflix. Movement is a great way to reduce inflammation and build your immune system. It doesn't have to be an intense workout, just start by standing more than you sit. Think "what can I do right now, instead of sitting".

  3. Drink Plenty of water!- Same story, different season but seriously! Add some tea or lemon to your water for an extra boost of antioxidants like vitamin C and stay Hydrated.

All in all, we should be working on our immune system all year long but many of us throw that to the wind during the Summer months and play catch up all Winter. Don't let this Winter get the best of you. You CAN take back your power and get through this Winter feeling better than ever. Here's what to keep in the pantry to ensure we feel good all winter long-

With that said, I also know that things happen. We get sick and so do our kids! Here are some things we keep on hand to help us feel better without overloading our bodies with unnecessary ingredients.

  • Wellement's has items from gripe water to cough medicine. Just remember, its still medicine, it's just a better option

  • Cough Drops- Not perfect as they do contain natural flavors but far better than the alternative

  • Bee Keepers Naturals- Great options for throat spray, immune support and nasal spray.

  • Genexa- These are a good replacement for pain relievers.

  • Hilma- Code homemade20 -

  • For stomach support use heartburn and indigestion (in place of tums of Pepto)

  • For Allergies use Indoor/Outdoor support

  • For occasional respiratory issues use Respiratory Support

Find all of our must haves in my new Amazon List

I hope you stay happy and healthy this Winter

Although I am a Board Certified HHC, the information provided is for educational and informational purposes and does not substitute for advice from a medical professional. Talk to a physician or qualified health provider before seeking treatment for any medical condition or making changes to your diet or lifestyle. Do not disregard their recommendations or avoid treatment because of my blogs, posts, or content. I am not liable for any damages that are a result or related to your use of this content

Disclosure- As an Amazon Influencer I may receive commission from items you purchase. Thank you kindly for supporting my small business by using my affiliate link when purchasing from Amazon. Additionally there may be links here that provide commissions to me. Thank you in advance for supporting my small business.

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