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Wellness coach and nutrition coach el dorado hills
Wellness coach and nutrition coach el dorado hills



I started my health journey 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GD) at 6 weeks gestation. I was scared, angry and determined to get through without insulin. My hard work and determination through daily habit change allowed me to not only get through my pregnancy without insulin but ALSO prevent GD in my second pregnancy. Since then I have gradually made changes to my lifestyle to continue my journey to feel my best, prevent diabetes and work on migraine prevention through nutrition and exercise.

Wellness coach and nutrition coach el dorado hills


I am the creator of my wellness business, Wellness Homemade and my program Informed Eating Academy - where I help moms find their balance, gain energy and take back their life with simple nutritional changes, mindset and accountability. After helping friends and family with what I knew, I decided to become a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutrition Coach so I could pursue my passion in health and pass my knowledge on to others. I am so glad I can now teach others how to make healthy eating easy and fun without restrictions or diet mentality. I love motivating and encouraging my clients to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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My passion for wellness comes from being in a place of needing to make a change but not having all the tools, resources or support. My first health issue was during my first pregnancy. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 6 weeks and told that I likely had it prior to pregnancy and that there was NO WAY I’d get through the pregnancy without insulin, I did. After my diagnosis I was sent to a dietitian who gave me a bunch of info and sent me on my way, only to check in once a month. I had no support, I didn’t know how to put things together or anything, I was so confused.  After reading books and searching the Internet I found so many resources and I was determined to prove the doctor wrong. It’s that same confidence I want every single client to feel after working with me. I want them to know how to fuel themselves, how to manage whatever they are dealing with and how to stay motivated and push for those deep goals.



As women you may find yourself in high demand between work and life responsibilities. What you’re doing to change your body for good isn’t working anymore and you are found looking for a greater solution.  Sometimes as women, we aren't sure what to do to change our bodies and are simply stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out of it. In fact, 95% of our behaviors occur out of habit, both consciously and unconsciously and are often what we deem as easy.


This is why you may struggle with making changes that last, even when your intentions are strong. The problem is that the diet industry can only offer you “eliminations” or “fewer calories and increased exercise” programs. The issue is, if that ACTUALLY worked, it would have worked, right? This is why 90-98% of dieters gain their weight back after their New Years resolution motivation wears off. 




Because they don't have the right system, the right program and most importantly the right accountability. Doctors, dietitians and other practitioners can give you the info but they often don't have the time or the skills to help their clients or patients create new habits and stay consistent in order to achieve lasting results. In turn people default to their old habits, even when they have their best intention at heart. 


Not having the right support and accountability can lead to a dysfunctional cycle of yo-yo dieting and going round and round in the diet cycle. This is where I come in, to provide the right system, the right support and the right accountability for you so that you can finally break the cycle and create the habits needed for success….



Being able to make choices in your diet based on being pulled towards healthful foods and movement you enjoy rather than food and exercise being a chore.


  • Understanding the foods needed to achieve your health goals and finally reaching the goals you have tried to achieve for so long without deprivation.

  • Saving money because you are able to finally get off your medication or your mid day slump fueled by your Starbucks addiction.

  • Not stressing on how you look but being in love with how you feel. Achieving the energy you need to balance all that life throws out at you and stepping into the best version of yourself. A version of you that attracts all that you want!


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National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching
Master Certified Nutritious Life Certification (AADP Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutrition Counselor)
Health and Life Master Certification


Our family is active, and especially loves to be outdoors but we also love to cook and try new healthy recipes. You can almost always find us in the kitchen trying a new recipe or outside doing things like paddle boarding, hiking, zip lining or swimming.  Including our kids in our health journey has been our way of setting an example for a healthy lifestyle that we hope will stay with them as they get older. Keeping the girls included in meal prep, grocery shopping and cooking has created a bond like no other. 


Wellness coach and nutrition coach el dorado hills
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