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Disney Delights: Healthy Eats, Hidden Bathrooms, Insider Tips, Hotel Hacks, and Smart Snacking

Planning a memorable day at Disneyland takes more than just knowing the best rides and attractions. It's about making informed choices every step of the way. In this comprehensive guide, I'll cover it all: finding healthier food options, locating the best bathrooms, insider tips for a smoother visit, hotel recommendations, and of course, smart snacking to keep you fueled and ready for Disney magic.

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Hotel Hacks for Healthy Eating:

  1. The Clementine: Ideal for small families, this hotel may not offer complimentary breakfast (they used to) but provides a full kitchen with a full-size fridge and stove + microwave. Stock up on essentials for meals and snacks because you can store and prepare what you need in this hotel. If the clementine offers breakfast, it's pretty good. Our kids love that they can make their waffles!

  2. Hyatt House in Anaheim: Another excellent option with a small fridge and a stove + microwave, perfect for preparing meals. Order groceries or visit a local store to stock up for your stay. This is where we stayed recently, and we loved it. We saved on complimentary breakfast: eggs, yogurt, fruit, sausage, pancakes, and a variety of options for toast. We picked what we thought the best choices were and left everything else out. This not only saved us money but TIME! We didn't have to cook or find a place to get food. It was ready and waiting for us so that we could head to the park.

Smart Snacking for the Parks: Before you leave for the park

  1. Clementines, PB&J Sandwiches, Trail Mix: Pack these essentials for vitamins, proteins, and energy to keep you going. We don't do sandwiches that require mayo because it can ruin the day.

  2. Reusable Water Bottles: Stay hydrated with refill stations throughout the park.

  3. Skout Bars, Happy Wolf Bars, Sunnie Snacks, Chomps: Code wellnesshomemade on any of those snacks with a link. These snacks offer a variety of flavors and nutrition to keep everyone satisfied.

  4. Personal Favorites: Bring your family's beloved snacks to cater to everyone's tastes.

Park snacks or treats

  1. Churro: Listen, if there is one thing I am going to indulge in at Disneyland, it's a churro. Sorry, not sorry. The best one is near the entrance of the park. When you come in, go to the right; after you go under the bridge, it's to your left. If you are leaving Main Street and heading out, go to the left when you hit the end of Main Street. Make sure they put it through the warmer. Many other carts will make a bunch, leaving you with a cold and stale churro. YUCK!

Fruits and Veggies:

  1. Main Street- near their Starbucks is a kiosk with clementines, pineapple, apples, pickles (unsure about the ingredients), and grapes. They also have bottled water, but you won't need it if you take my advice!

  2. Frontier Land- Across from the Jungle Cruise, they have a store with a good selection of the same fruits mentioned above. They also have yogurt parfaits.

  3. Star Wars- They do have chicken and lettuce wraps in this area. I don't know how they cook them, but this is a good option if you need a MEAL.

  4. Dole Whip: Yes, Dole Whip is a favorite for my girls. This is in Adventure Land and does need to be ordered on the Disney app.

Hidden Bathrooms Gems:

  1. Tiki Lounge Oasis: Discover a peaceful restroom near the Tiki Lounge that's often less crowded, providing a welcome break from the park's hustle and bustle.

  2. Adventure Awaits Convenient bathrooms in Adventureland and Tomorrowland, especially the ones near Autopia, ensure less time spent in line and more time enjoying the magic.

  3. The bathroom at the entrance of Frontier Land is also convenient. It's busy, but I have never had to wait.

Insider's Disney Schedule: First and foremost, download the Disney app!

  1. Early Bird Gets the Magic: Arrive before 8 AM when the park opens for a less crowded experience.

  2. When you go in, head to Frontier Land and wait for them to open the gates.

  3. Strategic Ride Order: Prioritize Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Indiana Jones in Adventureland for a smoother day.

  4. Next up: Head to Thunder Mountain Railroad after Adventureland to keep the excitement going.

  5. Take a Breather: Enjoy the scenery or indulge in a healthy snack; after experiencing four rides in less than a couple of hours, you are already on your way to a productive day in Disneyland.

  6. The Genie Pass Trick: Use your Genie Pass strategically, saving it for longer wait times on your favorite rides.

  7. We don't use our Genie pass first thing, but we will set up either Star Wars rides or Space Mountain or Matterhorn. Once we go on those, we typically use the Genie pass to get on things like Buzz Light Year. This ride is quick, but you can be stuck waiting for a while if you don't use the Genie pass.

While you are waiting for your Genie pastimes,

  1. Enjoy the Train Ride: Remember the Disneyland train; it's a hidden gem for relaxation and unique views.

  2. Take a Canoe Ride- Over by the Haunted Mansion, there's a canoe ride! It's so fun and well worth it.

  3. Get on Autopia. This ride doesn't usually have long waits, but you can get on quickly with a Genie pass if necessary.

  4. Castle- Go check the castle out!!

  5. Other things- Go down Main Street and check out the stores or get in line to see one of the characters.

Disney app:

  1. The Disney app is beneficial for so many reasons.

  2. Checking wait times

  3. Storing photos: if you have a Disney employee take a photo, they scan your app, and the pictures will automatically upload the photo to your app. It's yours forever!

With these tips and hacks in your Disney toolkit, you'll be well-prepared for a magical and health-conscious adventure. Enjoy thrilling rides, enchanting shows, and unforgettable moments while making informed choices every step of the way!

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