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Mothers Day

Most of us Moms just want a few things for Mother's Day

First and foremost we want For everyone to get along- I mean, am I right??? Like can't we all get a long and play nice for one day? But if you are looking to get Mom something for Mothers Day start here-

What Mom doesn't like good food on a grazing board?? I don't know about you but yummy food is on my list of things I like on Mothers Day. Remember my breakfast charcuterie board last year? That was a HIT!!

Charcuterie boards are an easy way to keep it simple and please not only Mom, but the kids too! They can be super simple and full of everyone's favorite things!- Check out my charcuterie board picks here OR download this shop-able charcuterie board must-have sheet below!

Simple things to make a Charcuterie board-

  1. Crackers

  2. Chocolate covered something (nuts, pretzels etc..)

  3. Deli Meats (Nitrate free)

  4. Favorite Fruits

  5. Favorite Veggies

  6. Cheese. Any works, just add some different options for a fun time

  7. Bread and Jam are great options

  8. Olives

  9. Her favorite sweet treats in bite size-pieces

  10. Pair it with a Mimosa!

Keep it simple and don't worry about perfection, that's NOT a thing with charcuterie. Remember to allow yourself to enjoy! Charcuterie boards are full of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and treats. You don't have to feel guilty about grazing on this!

Gathering all the things you want to gather can be hard when you lack time to drive to all the different locations to pick up different items or you don't even know where to begin putting things together. There's something for every Mom on this list. The bread baker, the chef, the mom who needs self-care, or gardening. PLUS Charcuterie boards are great to have on hand. It's a perfect gift to put to use on Mothers Day when you surprise her with all the fixings for her charcuterie board.

The file below has clickable links- As an Amazon Influencer, I can make a commission off of your purchase.

Mothers Day Must Haves
Download PDF • 6.05MB

I hope that no matter who you are and what you are doing this coming Mothers Day, you are able to enjoy the day with friends and family gathered around!

Thanks for reading!

Tasha xoxo


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