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10 Kitchen Pantry and Fridge Essentials

Here are 10 essentials to keep on hand-

Having the essentials on hand can help you make more informed choices even when life throws you a curve ball. Here are 10 items to consider having on hand from now on.

  1. Frozen organic vegetables- Peas, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower rice, and more. Remember that fresh is best but frozen is next best. Keep frozen veggies on hand for those times you need a quick veggie!

  2. Frozen fruit- Berries, mangos, cherries, peaches, wild blueberries, and more! These are great to have on hand to add to healthy baking dishes, morning yogurt, or even as a dessert. We LOVE frozen mangos and cherries as a dessert, try it!

  3. Frozen Rice- Keeping frozen rice on hand can be a great way to have something on hand for a quick dinner.

  4. Nuts- keep a good selection of nuts on hand for a quick snack or salad topper. You can keep these in the pantry but if you don't go through them fast enough then you may want to put them in the freezer.

  5. Dried fruit- Try to have dried apricots or Bare apple rings on hand. You can even have 1-ingredient applesauce on hand for when you run out of fruit.

  6. Fresh fruit- Keeping seasonal produce in the house will encourage better choices. Make sure your fridge and pantry fruits are ready to go and at eye level for everyone in the house.

  7. Peanut butter- to be used for more than just a PB&J, it is great paired with apples or bananas for a quick snack that will keep you feeling full and satiated until your next meal.

  8. Eggs- Eggs are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Prepare hardboiled eggs for a quick protein source while you are on the go.

  9. Snacks- pickles, chomps, Siete' chips, salsa, and more

  10. Pantry staples- Potatoes, garlic, beans of all sorts, canned tomato products, and broth.

Having a well-stocked fridge and pantry will lead you to make better choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take note of what you have and make sure you replenish what you run out of.

Reach out if you need any help coming up with ideas for YOUR family!

Tasha xoxo


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