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Celebrating clients and their success.
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Tasha was amazing to work with!  She really took into account what the hopes were for my family, provided attainable goals and offered support all along the way.  With simple changes, that were suggested by Tasha, my family is making healthier choices, listening to their bodies and taking an active role in the kitchen.  I was worried that my children wouldn’t be on board, but with Tasha’s plan, we made some small, but impactful changes and I immediately saw my family change into being mindful eaters.  Tasha made herself available to me and was always checking in with how she could support me.  If I needed more recipes or food choices to help with stress, she was always there with recipes, food lists and support.  I would recommend Tasha to anyone who wants their family to live a healthier lifestyle!  I am so happy that I got the opportunity to work with Tasha!  




Tasha has been a complete god send for my family. My husband has high blood pressure, which has come down to almost a normal range with her help! We’d eat out all the time and wonder why we had zero energy. We felt crummy and run down. She helped us have a POSITIVE relationship with food. I honestly never thought that was possible for me to say. I used to think that in order to eat X I had to work out X amount. Intuitive eating let’s me be honest with myself. I find myself enjoying eating and making healthier habits because of her coaching. She helped us drop the habit of eating out and start eating at home. She really tailors the plan to you and your family, it’s not a blanket approach. She personalizes it. The support Tasha gives is just amazing I have never felt so supported even when I don’t reach what I want. She was always there to say okay how do we try again. 


The best decision of my life is having Tasha as my health coach!  She change my life and saved my life.  I was 168 at my highest weight had chest pain high cholesterol and started having trouble walking since working with Tasha I am now weighing in at 133 pounds moving with ease and feeling the best that I have in a long time.  It was wonderful to have the personalized attention to achieve my health goals .  She held my hand thru my weight loss journey she ie is very knowledgeable, reliable . She helped me realize my blind spots that was holding me back to release all of that weight . She is truly amazing and inspiring. I have tried so many times to lose with not much success kept failing until Tasha become my health coach . Reached my health weight goal learned to implement life long Strategies to stay on track and if a fall sometimes know what to do to get back up.    Forever grateful to the best health coach Tasha Rosales . She will change your life for the best !

- Anna

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