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31 Days to Informed Eating

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If you are on a mobile device the best way to purchase is to scroll down and follow the link to download the app. In this workshop you will learn: 🍋 How to dissect a food label in seconds 🍋How to read food labels and use your knowledge to become an informed eater. 🍋 A basic overview of which ingredients are good for your nutrition and which aren’t and how to quickly identify when reading labels. 🍋The sneaky ingredients found in “healthy foods” that could be the cause of your chronic disease issues in your body. 🍋 The truth about how the food industry’s additives and marketing are causing you to gain weight, break out, and feel tired all the time. 🍋 Go-to “food swaps” for the foods you love, but with cleaner ingredients. 🍋 101 snack ideas 🍋 Better for you options at Safeway, Trader Joes and Whole Foods" 🍋 5 Easy recipes to eat better and feel good

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31 Days to Informed Eating (March 2023)

31 Days to Informed Eating (March 2023)

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