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Learn about real food and real ingredients to make informed choices for better health...a better you!
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Food labels are complicated and designed to trick us. Their focus is selling, not informing. That's why I created Informed Eating Academy. Because reading food labels and swapping crap ingredients for real food changes everything. 


 It’s incredibly simple! However, it still requires work and determination to change your habits, especially when you're just starting. Changing your habits and lifestyle takes commitment but it’s the only way to regain your energy and take back your health. The good news? I'm on your side! I'm here to make your journey much easier, faster, and more enjoyable. 


I CAN'T do the work for you; only you can choose to eat better and reap the benefits of eating foods with real ingredients that nourish your body. 


I CAN give you the knowledge you need to start reading food labels to create changes that stick and transform your health for good. After all, that’s what I do! I help people take control of their health by discovering the truth; that eating informed can be simple and delicious.

Next Class Starts
September 2022

31 Day Informed Eating Challenge

A Better understanding of ingredients, healthier options and overall cleaner eating. Learning how to make better choices gets easier when we gain the knowledge we need to make choices that feel unrestrictive. The Goal is to give you the tools you need to start making more informed choices; you can do all, some or just take in the information! Whatever works for you and helps you lead the life you want to live. 


  • Challenge begins September 1, 2022 and ends September 30, 2022  

  • It will ALL be online through a private Facebook group. (let me know if this doesn't work)

  • 31 Daily post with curated ingredient information for easy understanding, label swaps, and tips.

You'll walk away with information you can use to make decisions easier and more informed than ever before! 

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At Informed Eating Academy I help you make more informed choices towards your health, without the restrictions. I am here to help you better understand food and how the food you eat affects how you feel. I help you navigate the food industry's marketing tactics along with their toxic ingredients and teach you how to finally achieve the goals you set out to achieve. I'll hold you accountable every step of the way and will make it as easy as can be by keeping it simple.